Fire Doors

Fire Rated Doors

In accordance with Building Regulations, it’s imperative to install 20-minute fire-rated doors to all habitable rooms that lead out to the stairwell/hallway. It’s essential to note that fire door regulations do not apply to bungalows.

At our company, we prioritise fire door safety. Our selection of fire-rated doors is certified under the BWF Certifire Scheme, ensuring compliance and integrity in fire rating. Each door comes with a certificate and relevant markings to confirm its fire rating authenticity. We exclusively source and install doors from our trusted supplier, Premdor.

Existing Doors

If your current doors hold architectural significance to your home’s character, there may be an option to retain them. However, in such cases, we must implement an enhanced early warning system in case of fire. This involves the installation of smoke detectors in all habitable rooms and a heat detector in the kitchen. These detectors must be interconnected, mains-fed, and equipped with backup batteries.

Your existing doors must meet specific criteria: they should be solid wood, in good condition with no splits or defects, and devoid of large gaps when closed. It’s important to note that some Building Control Authorities may not permit this alternative design and may require the installation of fire doors instead. During your initial free feasibility survey, our experienced surveyor can provide detailed guidance tailored to your specific circumstances.

Fire door installation loft conversion in the Portsmouth area.
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Fire door installation to a loft conversion in Portsmouth

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