Loft Conversion in Wickham Example 17

Loft Conversion in Wickham Example 17

“Discover Wickham’s Splendid Loft Conversion: 2 Bedrooms, Bathroom, Living Room & Seamless Integration”

Unveil architectural brilliance with our Wickham loft conversion. This transformation, set against a spacious detached house, blends elegance and functionality.

Expansive Vision: Above the Garage and Granny Annexe Ascend to new heights as we unveil a loft conversion that stretches above the double garage and granny annexe, expanding the possibilities of this home.

Bedroom Bliss: Two Comfortable Bedrooms, Living Room & Bathroom. Be charmed by each room promising a haven of rest and relaxation. Discover how a well-executed loft conversion can harmonise modern living with cosy comforts.

Family Haven: A Thoughtful Bathroom Addition Embrace the convenience of a family bathroom that embodies sophistication and practicality, catering to the needs of every member.

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