Loft Conversion in Portsmouth Example 101

Loft Conversion in Portsmouth Example 101

Loft Conversion to a Semi-Detached House – Unveiling Modern Elegance

Project Highlights:

  • Luxurious En-Suite Retreat: Step into the sophistication of this loft conversion, featuring a beautifully designed bedroom with an en-suite shower room. Experience the seamless blend of modern luxury and comfort in this private sanctuary.
  • Stunning Rear Dormer with Juliet Balcony: Behold the striking rear elevation flat roof dormer adorned with a blend of glass and marine-grade stainless steel Juliet balcony. This ingenious addition brings the outdoors in, offering a delightful spot to admire the views and savor the fresh air.
  • Charming Side Gable End Construction: Witness the side elevation gable end construction finished with Canterbury Spar pebble dash, harmoniously matching the existing character of the house. This thoughtful design element adds to the charm and timeless appeal of the loft conversion.
  • Abundant Natural Light with Velux Roof Light Windows: Explore the front elevation, boasting large Velux roof light windows that flood the loft conversion with warm natural light. These strategically positioned windows illuminate every corner, creating a welcoming and inviting ambiance.

Architect’s Vision Comes to Life:

The architect skillfully brought the client’s vision to life through meticulous drawings that captured every detail of the loft conversion. Their innovative designs set the foundation for a modern yet functional living space that truly complements the existing house.

Structural Engineer’s Expertise:

With precision and expertise, our structural engineer carried out meticulous calculations, ensuring the loft conversion’s structural integrity and stability. Our careful analysis allowed us to confidently execute the loft conversion project with the utmost confidence.

Seamless Planning Permission Process:

Navigating the planning permission process was a breeze, thanks to our dedicated team. We expertly handled all aspects of the application, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey, granting the loft conversion project the green light.

Permitted Development Design:

We seamlessly designed the loft conversion to adhere to permitted development guidelines, maximising the available space while preserving the charm of the original house. This strategic approach expedited the process and delighted the homeowners with the results.

Designing to Building Regulations:

The architect meticulously designed the loft conversion to meet building regulations. Every detail, from safety requirements to energy efficiency, was meticulously addressed, ensuring compliance with all necessary standards.

Constructed to Building Regulations:

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our team constructed the loft conversion to meet and exceed building regulations. Each aspect of the project was thoughtfully executed, guaranteeing the loft’s longevity and structural soundness.

Thorough Inspection at Every Stage:

Throughout the project, the diligent building inspector visited the site at various stages, ensuring that each step met building regulations and adhered to the approved plans. As The Loft Conversion Company (Portsmouth) Ltd, we meticulously organised these inspections to ensure a seamless construction process.

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