Loft Conversion in Denvilles Example 8

Loft Conversion in Denvilles Example 8

Join us as we unveil the magic of this captivating loft conversion project in a beautiful semi-detached house.

From Hip to Gable – Unlocking Hidden Potential

To maximise the loft space, we transformed the original hip roof into a gable wall. This strategic decision opened up endless possibilities for the loft conversion, allowing us to create a stunning and functional living area.

Seamless Staircase Integration – A Work of Art

With the new gable wall in place, we installed the staircase above the existing one. The result? A seamless transition between the floors, ensuring a harmonious flow from the lower levels to the new loft conversion. The staircase design complements the loft’s aesthetics, becoming a work of art in itself.

Breathtaking Rear Dormer – A Masterpiece in Glass

The architect’s vision included a rear dormer, offering ample space and natural light. As a crowning jewel, a marine-grade stainless steel glass Juliet balcony was meticulously incorporated, providing breathtaking views of the very large rear garden adding a touch of luxury.