The Party Wall Act

The Party Wall Act 1996

To carry out a loft conversion to almost all terraced and semi-detached houses RSJ steels will be required to support the additional loads.  The shared wall with your adjoining neighbour(s) is called a Party Wall and will require an agreement to insert the required RSJ supports.  We supply all the relevant Party Wall Agreement forms which will need to be signed by your adjoining neighbour(s).

A party wall inspection by THE Loft Conversion Company (Portsmouth) Ltd can be carried out instead of a party wall survey by a chartered surveyor.  This will make a significant saving in costs but will have to be agreed by your neighbour(s).

For information click on the link below to read The Party Wall Act 1996 Booklet:-

The booklet has been produced by the Communities & Local Government Department to explain in simple terms how the Party Wall Act 1996 (“the Act”) may affect someone who either wishes to carry out work covered by the Act (the “Building Owner”), or receives notification under the Act of proposed adjacent work (the “Adjoining Owner”).

Party Wall Act Booklet

Bats in Loft?

If you have unwanted tenants in your loft there are certain procedures required by law to remove the Bats in Your Loft.

The Party Wall Act Forms
Party Wall Act
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