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Architectural drawings of a loft conversion in Drayton, Portsmouth areaAssessment Criteria

To kickstart the process, we offer a free feasibility survey, during which we’ll take detailed measurements and discuss your specific needs. Our experienced architectural designer will guide you through the array of design and layout options tailored to your property. For further insights on planning permission, permitted development, building regulations, as well as interior and exterior assessments, we encourage you to explore our Assessment Criteria Page.

Designing your loft conversion.Designing Your Loft Conversion

If planning permission is required then our Architectural Surveyor will work to designing your loft conversion with well balanced recessed type of roof dormer(s) at the sacrifice of some internal space rather than the huge top heavy dormers that will dominate the elevation and be refused permission. Furthermore, many home owners do not value the external look as much and insist on the largest dormer possible, this is acceptable under Permitted Development (no planning permission necessary).

For more information and further reading visit our Designing Your Loft Conversion Page.

Velux windows
Visit our dedicated Velux page

Top tips on loft conversions.Top Tips

Unlock invaluable insights into loft conversion design, from optimising en-suite bathrooms and strategically positioning Velux windows to enhancing your space with dormers and decorating tips.

For comprehensive information and additional resources, explore our dedicated Top Tips Page.

Use of your space for loft conversions.Use of Your Space.

What’s your vision for your loft space? Whether you envision a cosy bedroom with an en-suite, a versatile guest room, a fun-filled games room, a productive office, or a relaxing living area, we’re here to tailor your loft conversion to your exact specifications.

For detailed insights and additional resources, explore our dedicated Use of Your Space.

The stages of a loft conversion.The Stages

Understand the project stages and delve into the intricacies of each project stage as we meticulously track the work schedule to ensure seamless progress.

For comprehensive details and additional insights, explore our dedicated The Stages Page.

Modern truss roof loft conversionTypes of Roof

Are you unsure whether your property features a modern truss roof or a traditional cut and pitch design? Roof types can vary, but most lofts are convertible. Our architectural designer will carefully measure your existing roof space to determine the suitability of a loft conversion for your specific roof type.

For detailed insights and additional resources, visit our dedicated Types of Roof Page.

The party wall act on loft conversions.The Party Wall Act 1996

In almost all terraced and semi-detached houses undergoing a loft conversion, the insertion of RSJ steels to support additional loads is necessary. The wall shared with adjoining neighbours is referred to as a Party Wall, and an agreement is required to insert the necessary RSJ supports. We will provide and submit the relevant forms along with the plans, which will need to be signed by your adjoining neighbour(s). Additionally, we offer a comprehensive and impartial Party Wall Inspection with all our loft conversion projects.

For more information and further reading, please visit The Party Wall Act Page.

Bats in your loft conversion.Bats in Your Loft?

Do you suspect bats inhabit your loft?

Encountering bats in urban areas, particularly within lofts, is uncommon. However, if you do find bats in your loft, it shouldn’t deter you from proceeding with planned work. Instead, it requires thoughtful planning, particularly concerning the timing of construction activities. Addressing the presence of bats early in the process will minimise disruptions to your loft conversion plans.

For additional information and further reading, please visit our Bats in Your Loft Page.

Frequently asked questions on loft conversions.FAQs

Have questions about loft conversions? Wondering if your loft can be converted, how long the conversion will take, or what forms you’ll need to apply for planning permission and building regulations? Concerned about whether you’ll need to move out while the work is in progress?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section for detailed answers to these and other common queries. Our FAQ page covers a wide range of topics related to loft conversions, providing valuable insights and information to help you better understand the process and make informed decisions about your project.

Whether you’re curious about planning permission, structural considerations, or the timeline for completing a loft conversion, our FAQs have got you covered. We’ve compiled answers to the most common questions we receive from clients, along with helpful tips and advice to guide you through every stage of your loft conversion journey.

Ready to learn more? Click here to visit our FAQs Page, and get all the answers you need to start planning your dream loft conversion today.

Links for loft conversions.Links

Looking for more information about planning your loft conversion or understanding the regulations involved? Check out our Links Page for useful external resources and brochures.

loft conversion blogNews/Updates/Blog Page

Stay informed about the latest news, updates, ongoing projects, and insightful blog posts by visiting our News/Updates/Blog Page.

Brochures required for loft conversions.Brochures

In every building project, there are decisions to be made, from selecting the style of your bathroom suite to choosing floor and wall tiles or the type of doors. We encourage you to take the time to explore our website and browse through the brochures we’ve provided. Each brochure is conveniently located on the relevant product page. However, for ease of access, you can find all the brochures consolidated on the Brochures Page.

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